Development of immunoanalytical methods for the detection and control of contaminant biotoxins in water and food

Project Reference: AGL2015-64488-C2-1/2-R
Start/end date: 01-01-2016 / 31-12-2018

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Subproject 1
 Title Production of antibodies and generation of immunochemical methodologies for the analysis of biotoxins
 Principal  investigator Antonio Abad Fuentes/ Josep Vicent Mercader-Badia 
 Entity Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
 Center Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA)
Subproject 2
 Title New synthetic strategies for the preparation of haptens and conjugates of biotoxins
 Principal  investigator Antonio Abad Somovilla 
 Entity University of Valencia (UVEG)
 Center Department of Organic Chemistry

Development of a portable and low cost system for the detection of contaminants in food based on microfluidics

Project Reference: RTC-2015-3348-2
Start/end date: 01-01-2015 / 31-12-2018

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