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Logo EFFoST30th EFFoST International Conference. Targeted Technologies for Sustainable Food Systems
Oral communication title: Rapid analysis of agrochemical residues in food: immunoreagents and immunoassays.
Place of celebration: Viena, Austria.
Date: Noviembre 2017
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Food Chemistry1st Food Chemistry Conference. Shaping the Future of Food Quality, Health and Safety
Oral communication title: Antibodies and bioconjugates for immunoanalysis of chemical residues and contaminants in food.
Place of celebration: Amsterdam, Países Bajos.
Date: Octubre 2016
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Report of Habtenics Group on Channel 9
Canal 9 visited the facilities of Habtenics Group in the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Valencia and the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA) of the CSIC.
The report shows the patented test for the detection of chemical residues in food.